We can help you with auction litigation and related disputes.  We’re not attorneys who are merely familiar with auctions, but rather auctioneers who have unmatched knowledge of both auction law and customary practice.

We’ve been in the auction business over 30 years.  We’ve been writing, analyzing and helping attorneys around the United States since 2006. Our work has taken us to Ohio, Indiana, Texas, New York, California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana and Maryland.

Our expertise has involved:

  • Reviewing contracts, depositions and affidavits
  • Analyzing auction terms and conditions
  • Studying auction video and audio
  • Evaluating advertising and marketing
  • Writing expert witness reports
  • Testifying in court

Attorneys, auctioneers, sellers, bidders and buyers have hired us to successfully argue in favor of (or to avoid) compensatory and consequential damages with claims exceeding $35 Million.

See here our auction and customary practice blog, which is the most read treatise on auction-related topics in the United States: https://mikebrandlyauctioneer.wordpress.com/

Reach us directly at (614) 461-9229; direct confidential textual messages to: mbrandly@mbauctioneer.com

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